Kate Spade Cats

If you’ve ever met me, you know I’m a huge cat lover, black cats especially (I have a fluffy black cat Marvolo, and he’s anything but bad luck).  So when Kate Spade came out with her Jazz It Up collection featuring black cats, I had to restrain myself, but not too much.  I was able to limit myself to the Broome Street Cat Tee, Black Jazz Cat Metro Watch, Cecilia Cat Flats(amazing), the Jazz Things Up Cool Cat Folio Case and the Jazz Things Up Black Cat Gold Glass Necklace (not shown here).  KS2

The flats are SUPER cute and very comfortable.  They are an instant conversation starter and get tons of compliments.



The peek-a-boo cat on the watch is playful and when you check your wrist it looks like he just popped up to tell you the time.


Easy casual, and can also be coordinated with a neutral blazer.



On one of my work trips to London we decided to pop over to Nice for the weekend, because why not.  Unfortunately we only had a few hours in Monaco, just enough to let you know you need to come back.  Someone once told me to be a resident of Monaco you need to ‘prove yourself’, that you’re someone of wealth, status and high class.  Just walking around the Monaco streets, I believe it.  The homes, sailboats, country clubs and hills rolling in beautiful scenery made you feel like you were in something out of a romantic novel, tales of unseen high society and their fabulous outings on the Mediterranean coast.  You couldn’t get bored walking the streets here, no view became routine, every street and turn had a new picturesque sight, it was hard not to snap a picture every few minutes.

One of my regrets was walking by the Monte Carlo and not taking a quick minute to pop in and put ∈20 on black, just to say I gambled at THE Monte Carlo, or better yet, won money at the Monte Carlo.  From the street the lobby looked lavish and fitting for James Bond.  I’m sure the tables wouldn’t disappoint, I picture ornate decorations and participants dressed in their evening best, I’ll have to make sure I have a gown to blend in when I come back…

If I am ‘lucky’ enough to ever come back to the streets of Monaco, I doubt I’ll be able to afford their luxurious hotels, however Monaco was easily accessible from Nice, which is very reasonably priced and also beautiful.  There is a train that travels from the Nice city center to Monaco every hour or so and was extremely easy to use.  Not to mention the 20 minute ride is wonderfully scenic and relaxing.


All smiles leaving, hoping this coast calls me back!


My Wearabouts – a traveling fashionista & accountant’s journal

Welcome to My Wearabouts! I created this blog after a little encouragement from my friends who’ve enjoyed my travel stories, and outfits to match.  My dad’s profession as an airline pilot and my mom’s encouragement to always look your best made me the woman I am today, loving to jet set and make sure I dress the part.  I was fortunate enough to find an accounting job with an international company which lets me travel frequently while still making a living, and putting together my ‘vacation trousseaus’ is always a treat.  I hope you enjoy my stories, outfits and shopping tips. Bon Voyage!