My first trip to Scotland was a quick weekend in Edinburgh, a beautiful and neat little place, everything looks like it’s an old castle!  Every shop and home is built with historic looking stone walls and green moss grows over everything (neutral and green outfit to match of course).


Sweater and poncho from Banana Republic, Rag & Bone jeans, Burberry boots, Ugg gloves and hat bought at a local Scottish shop.

A must here is a tour of the Edinburgh Castle that overlooks the city.  Such a great amount of history in one castle and a humbling experience to walk through the very rooms where the monarchs were born and also died.  Prisons, war rooms, crown jewels and plenty of other treats to see within the castle.  Not to mention the views are incredible, I lucked out on an unusually sunny and calm day and could see a lot from the castle walls, while trying not freeze my butt off.

The road between the Edinburgh Castle and Holyroods Palace is called the Royal Mile and it’s a known thing to do there.  Definitely walk it, enjoy the cute cottages and shops, listening to bagpipes and people talking funny.

I assumed this was a Hogwarts owl delivering messages to the Scottish wizards.






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